2015 Road Closings

For listing of road closings (this is all inclusive in Greensboro) click here

Project scheduled to last for one year 2015 - 2016 - Water line replacement, storm water and light sewer line maintenance will take place in June and/ or July of this year at E. Lindsay Street from N. Murrow Blvd to N. Greene St. the Water Resources Dispatcher 336- 373-2033. This line is answered 24 hours/7 days a week.

UndeterminedBellemeade Village Development - Eugene and Lindsey sidewalk closure

Undetermined - Southeastern Building Renovation - Lane closure on Market St. between Elm St. and Davie St.

 This Weekend:
-Bellemeade Street between Edgeworth and Eugene (full closure, 07:30-12:00)
-Greene Street from Florence to Bellemeade Street (full closure, 09:00-10:30)
-Elm Street from Bessemer Avenue to Bellemeade Street (full closure, 09:00-10:30)
-Fisher Avenue from Lindsay Streeet to Greene Street (full closure, 09:00-10:30)
-Smith Street from Battleground Avenue to Elm Street (full closure, 09:00-10:30)
-Other streets along the route will be closed temporarily to provide a safe route for participants (09:00-10:30)