Downtown Greensboro Economic Development Strategy

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Downtown Greensboro Economic Development Strategy - Final Recommendations:

Downtown Greensboro Incorporated, Action Greensboro, the City of Greensboro and Guilford County developed a comprehensive written plan to reveal six priority projects identified to propel Downtown's revitalization efforts over the next decade.
Over the past decade, the community completed several plans to spur economic growth in Downtown. While many projects were implemented, area stakeholders reviewed over 100 remaining projects and prioritized six specific initiatives that will drive Downtown development efforts over the next five years. The core goals of this consolidated effort are to:

1. Generate returns to the public sector, including sales & property taxes. Projects should create direct or indirect benefits that translate to enhanced public sector revenues.

2. Attract providers of high-quality jobs. Projects should create a Downtown that is attractive to a creative class of workers and employers, and that supports entrepreneurship.

3. Strengthen Greensboro's brand. Projects should improve perceptions of Greensboro as a pleasurable place to visit, work, live or invest, including bolstering the arts, entertainment, culture, and overall quality of life.

Learn more about some of our key initiatives:

Click here to view our written plan. (PDF | 3.16 MBs)

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