Grant Programs

Downtown Greensboro Incorporated directs a number of programs and initiatives to help attract investment. In addition, we commission studies and track data that can be helpful in making investment decisions and keep up with local ordinances that can impact development. The organization also implements programs designed to enhance the quality of life for workers, residents and visitors.

Retail Grant Program

DGI has a grant program that can award up to $25,000 in matching funds for retail shops opening or expanding in Downtown. Funds can be used for permanent improvements to the building such as plumbing, wiring, air conditioning and other items.

Facade Improvement Program

DGI can provide up to $2,500 to improve the exterior of a building. A simple application must be submitted prior to construction to qualify for funds. For more information, please contact the DGI office at 336.379.0060. 
Note: Currently, the Retail Grant Program has exhausted its funding and it is not known at this time if this program will receive any new funding. If you have questions regarding these programs, please contact the DGI office.

Greensboro Community Development Fund

The Greensboro Community Development Fund formerly known as the Greensboro Venture Capital Fund has been created to stimulate the creation of jobs and economic activity in the Greensboro area. By providing debt financing (including subordinate debt) to minority- or female-owned businesses, the fund assists those businesses in obtaining conventional commercial loans, allowing new and expanding businesses to grow and prosper. Learn more...

Urban Investment Guidelines

Geared toward larger development projects, this City program can award a grant for projects that create new jobs and investment. Grant awards require City Council approval and are paid over a 5-year period.

Urban Investment Guidelines

Historic Preservation Designation

DGI will underwrite the cost of applying for state and federal historic preservation tax credits for building renovation projects. The work must meet historic standards but can allow a 20% tax credit on both federal and state returns.

Downtown Job Creation (Parking)

The City can provide one year of free parking for each new job created in Downtown. The award is contingent upon parking garage availability and the job paying above the median income level. For complete details

Down­town Job Cre­ation Park­ing Incentive

County Small Business

The Guilford County Commission can authorize a three year grant for properties that are renovated or expanded for commercial use. The project must increase the tax base by at least $10,000. The project can receive a grant totaling 73% of the tax base growth pending approval by the Board of Commission.

County Small Business

Banks and other Financial Institutions

Many local banks and credit unions offer small business loans and assistance on how to best utilize your personal assets. Many also work directly with the Small Business Administration (SBA). Please contact your local banker for assistance and guidance. DGI works closely with several institutions with business lending capabilities. Contact us for a list of preferred banks.