Frequently Asked Questions

Downtown has the largest concentration of businesses and employees in Guilford County. Included in the mix are corporate giants like Wrangler and Lincoln Financial Group along with national, regional and local firms in finance, real estate, hospitality and retail. Downtown is also home to creative class businesses such as architects, web communication, graphic design and ad agencies. Of course, Downtown is also the backbone of the legal community.

One part of Downtown's success is the quality of life it provides for businesses and workers. Its geographic central location, outstanding road network and strong transit service makes Downtown easily accessible for workers from all over the region. The center city also offers unmatched amenities including park space, dozens of restaurants, banks, dry cleaners, gyms, public art and other features that are easily accessible during the workday. Downtown also offers peer interaction during and after business hours that do not occur when driving a car all over town.

Working in Downtown is different than suburban settings and office parks. To be most productive, people should know and accept the advantages and differences of working in a mixed-use urban environment. This list is intended to answer common questions about working in Downtown.


Because of the limited amount of space in Downtown, garages and off-street lots are the preferred locations for worker parking. These locations serve office workers well as most people do not need their car during the day and so many businesses and attractions are just a short walk away. The list of City decks and off-street lots can be found here.

Many workers use one of four City-owned parking decks. The decks are strategically located throughout Downtown to serve nearby employment centers. The garages include:

City decks in Downtown and off-street surface lots are available for hourly, daily and monthly parkers. A contract for parking in a City deck is $50 per month. Surface lots are less expensive, usually around $35, but can be lower depending on the location and owner. City facilities, including on-street, off-street lots and garages, are all currently free after 6 p.m.

Also of note with the City owned parking decks, users get the first hour of parking for free. This can be a great benefit if people are unable to find an on-street space when running a quick errand or attending a short meeting.

On-street, or curbside, parking is the most the desirable for all Downtown users. Because of the convenience, on-street spaces are oriented to short-term users like shoppers, customers and clients that patronize area businesses. Workers should always avoid using on-street spaces for long-term use.

Parking Validation

Businesses can defray parking cost for customers or clients in City-owned decks by offering coupons (or stamps). These stamps come in books of 200, in 50-cent increments. Businesses can hand out stamps at their discretion. A merchant or business participating in the validation program can purchase $100 worth of stamps for $90 at any of the four City-owned parking decks. For more information visit the site.


Many organizations are located in the center city. These groups can provide continuing education and professional networking for business owners and workers. This includes groups such as the Guilford Merchants Association and the Chamber of Commerce.

Downtown Greensboro Incorporated (DGI) was created in 1997 and works to stimulate investment and activity in the center city. DGI is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and has positions slotted to small and large business owners. More information about DGI can be obtained by calling 379.0060 or viewing other parts of this website.

Public Safety

Like all urban areas, safety is an important issue in the center city. Workers should know that Downtown is well patrolled and has a low crime rate. Even with the safe environment, workers and visitors should still use good judgment and common sense regarding personal and property safety. Keep car doors locked and store any electronic equipment or computers out of view.

Officers patrol Downtown on bikes, segways and cars. Many bike patrol officers have relationships with business owners and the people within the center city.

The City of Greensboro also has a homeless population similar to other communities. The homeless are part of the urban environment and deserve compassion from Downtown residents, workers and visitors. Many groups, including the City of Greensboro, neighborhood churches, non-profit organizations and others work to ease the plight of the less fortunate by providing and/or donating time, money and services. If approached by panhandlers, residents are encouraged to avoid giving cash to individuals and instead offer food or water. For those wishing to do more, cash donations should be made to groups that can help break the cycle of homelessness such as Urban Ministries of the Interactive Resource Center.


Almost all banks have branches in Downtown. While drive-through options are limited, most banks offer personal service via their lobbies and many have ATM's in sidewalk locations. For a list of banks in Downtown, click here

Restaurant Locations

While many restaurants have storefront access, some are tucked away on the ground floor of office buildings. Examples included the Piedmont Building food court, the Wachovia Tower and the Renaissance Plaza building. To find dining options, click here